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Group classes

Experiencing new movement. Getting relaxed. Healthy, non-competitive movement. Learning

Easy to do, no experience necessary. You'll listen, and follow instructions that will encourage you to move lightly, with ease, less effort, and curiosity about how you move, not trying to achieve goals.

The result is likely to be very relaxing. A sense of lightness. Feeling centered. Everyone "gets it" differently. It's a different kind of fitness: the ability do what's possible!

Days and times at Wellness Collective

Monday Movement 8:30

Tuesday 9:30 AND 5:30

Thursday 9:00

Friday 12:30

Individual Lessons

transforming the body teaching through movement

Learning in a group can be really helpful, but sometimes you want individual attention.
The  Feldenkrais practitioner will make you comfortable, and then move your fully clothed body gently. This calms the nervous system, allowing you to observe the movement in a very new way.
The results are sometimes immediate, and often lasting. fitness

What people say

testimonials happy Feldenkrais walking

"After a lesson, I have to adjust the rear view mirror: my neck is longer!"

"Gillian gives me the space to think about what I do, so I can choose to change my movement."

"After one lesson I could move my "frozen" ankle...such a surprise!"

"This is so radical. I am not pushed into doing things. I relax and enjoy."



We are entering the time of year that agriculturally was a quiet time. 

Now it is a build up to what can be a frantic time.

Feldenkrais is a chance for each person to connect with themselves, perhaps just for that, perhaps so they can better connect with others.

Q &A

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What to wear

Loose, comfortable, layered clothing. 

Group classes, called Awareness Through Movement®, are $15.
Individual lessons; called Functional Integration are $80.

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Feel free to contact me with any questions or inquiries, or to learn more about our class schedules. 

Feldenkrais with Gillian Franks

Wellness Collective 431 Pine Street Burlington

Wellness Collective (802) 540-0186-0950 Gillian (802) 655-0950


Check the appointments and classes section for details and availability