Awareness Through Action (group)

People in a Feldenkrais Class

These are easy to do, and no experience is necessary. You’ll listen and follow instructions that will encourage you to move gently, with ease and little effort. We encourage your curiosity about how you move without trying 

to achieve specific goals. 

Listen to the start of a lesson here

Current classes at The Wellness Collective in Burlington

are $15 per session: 

  • Monday Movement 8:30 am 
  • Tuesday  5:30 pm 
  • Thursday 9:00 am 
  • Friday 12:30 pm 

Functional Integration (private)


Before a private session, Gillian talks with you to understand your goals, expectations, and issues. Then she makes you comfortable on a firm table and gently moves your fully clothed body in ways that can release some muscles and activate others. This calms your nervous system, allowing you to observe movements in a very new way. These individual sessions can help you understand why you’re experiencing issues and what solutions might be available.

Private 60-minute sessions are $80

To book a private session with Gillian, please contact her directly.

Current Workshops


For December 2019!

 Now more than ever, good sleep is needed! Get tips and movements to calm the nervous system. This class at Shelburne Community Movement is four sessions for $56.

December 7, 14, 21, and 28th

Contact Gillian or Shelburne Community Movement for more information

Workshops and Events

Gillian offers two-hour workshops or multi-week classes that can be themed around a specific issue or topic. She has collaborated with dancers, office workers, and others to target the unique challenges and goals of each of group. These sessions are effective, non-invasive, and easily accomplished in work clothes.

If you are interested in having Gillian present a workshop at your organization's next wellness day, or having her offer your employees or your community ongoing Feldenkrais classes, we encourage you to contact her for more information.

Pricing varies depending on group size and topic. 

Dancers taking a Feldenkrais class
Dancers taking a Feldenkrais class