More About Feldenkrais Method®


The first practitioner

Moshe Feldenkrais, a scientist, Judo expert and creative thinker, found that his life changed as he found new ways to move, when his knee was "totaled" in the 1940s.

Group classes

Were first taught in post war Israel to adults who were seeking all sorts of ways to change their lives. There are over 1,000 recorded lessons

Individual lessons

Sometimes students want individual attention. Then I make them comfortable on a firm table and gently move them in ways that can release some muscles, activate others, all while they are relaxed.

What people say after a lesson.

"I don't know how to describe how much better I feel."

"I am really in awe of how much physical relief that one session gave me."

"I never thought I'd ride a bike again, because my ankle didn't work. But I do, after one lesson with Gillian"

Where in the world is this practiced?

Just about everywhere.  I am in touch with practitioners in Australia, Hong Kong, the UK, Israel and Germany.

Where should I look to learn more? is a good starting place